What is Hemicell XT?

Hemicell is a patented energy sparing feed enzyme, with guaranteed final-feed potency, that breaks down β-mannans to completely prevent the inflammatory feed induced immune response, resultant waste of energy and other problems that this response causes.1,2

Used in-feed, with no withdrawal or restrictions when used in combination with other feed additives, Hemicell XT simply means less wasted energy and improved Intestinal Integrity, therefore reduced feed costs, improved animal health and better sustainability.

ß-mannans in feed…

  • Beta mannans costs - digestion
    trigger an innate feed induced immune response

  • 3pc energy wasted
    waste up to 3% of the energy in feed1

  • more food required for growth
    more feed required to maintain growth and production

Hemicell XT breaks down ß-mannans BEFORE they can trigger a feed induced immune response

increase feed costs

The no. 1 cost in food animal production is FEED and the most expensive component of feed is ENERGY

β-mannans consume of up to 3% of the energy in animal feed1

Equivalent to up to 90kcal/kg ME in broilers and 63kcal/kg NE in pig

Hemicell XT optimises Intestinal Integrity2, which generates…

  • Drier litter with the use of Hemicell XT
    drier litter

  • Decreased greenhouse gas production
    decreased greenhouse gas production

  • improved faecal scores with Hemicell XT
    improved faecal scores

and translates into

  • broilers with fewer foot pad lesions

  • Broiler chicken
    A reduction in carbon footprint of 2.7% - 3.3% in broiler diets*

  • Pig
    A reduction in carbon footprint of 1.1% - 4.2% in pig diets*

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Case study

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*depending on the formulation and source of ingredients

  1. Daskiran, M., Teeter, R., Fodge, D. and Hsiao, H. 2004. “An Evaluation of Endo-ß-D-mannanase Hemicell) Effects on Broiler Performance and Energy Use in Diets Varying in ß-mannan Content.” Poultry Sci. 83: 662-668.
  2. Poulsen, K. Effects of Hemicell on Intestinal Health in broilers analyzed in 44 Experiences. Data on file.