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A2K Webinar Recordings

(AMTRA Accredited)

A2K Autumn 2023

Webinar on-demand A3325 (1 hour 30 mins: 14 CPD points)

Quick Quizzes 

(AMTRA accredited)

Cattle Endoparasites

Cattle Endoparasites Quiz A3099 (10 mins: 1 CPD point)

Case Studies

(AMTRA Accredited)

Sheep Ectoparasites

Ectoparasites with sheep farmer David A3038 (10 mins: 1 CPD point)

Parasites at Turnout

Parasites at turnout with cattle farmer Phil A3039 (10 mins: 1 CPD point)

Sheep Endoparasites

Endoparasites with sheep farmer Rob A3101 (10 mins: 1 CPD point)

Cattle Endoparasites

Endoparasites with cattle farmer Doreen A3100 (10 mins: 1 CPD point)


(AMTRA Accredited)

Seresto Training

Seresto Training A2832 (1 hour 10 mins: 7 CPD points)

Short Videos