The only live dual-strain vaccine containing S.Enteritidis and S.Typhimurium.

Providing superior, direct protection1 against both regulated Salmonella strains in layers2

Optimal Salmonella protection is a priority

Salmonella is costly (a Salmonella outbreak among free-range birds in the UK can cost producers up to £17 per bird3) and concerning (Salmonellosis represents half of all global foodborne outbreaks requiring hospitalisation4 and causes around 59,000 deaths each year5).

Robust control of Salmonella requires a holistic and integrated approach, with vaccination at its core:

» Excellent biosecurity and hygiene

» Effective vaccination strategy

» Good monitoring and flock management

BOTH is best for superior, direct protection

Avipro vaccine MOA

Better protection:

When challenged with a field strain of S.Typhimurium (at much higher levels than would be seen in the field via natural infection), birds vaccinated with AviPro Salmonella Duo had significantly lower numbers of field strains in the caeca and spleen compared with a live S.Enteritidis vaccine1

Reduced shedding into the laying period:

Some live vaccines have shedding patterns that can extend well into the production period, potentially exposing the table egg to vaccine residues9. AviPro vaccines provide the efficacy of live vaccines but are not shed by vaccinated birds during the production period.

Avipro rearing production

Improved egg safety:

Egg duo

AviPro Salmonella Duo is the only vaccine that protects eggs from internal contamination with S.Enteritidis6a.

Avipro Salmonella Duo brochure

Avipro Salmonella Duo brochure

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