The administration of live poultry vaccines through drinking water is a long-established and widely used method to vaccinate large numbers of birds against major infectious pathogens.

Avipro vaccination guidelines

This method has the advantage of being a convenient way of achieving mass application of vaccine to poultry from the first day of life.

Application via drinking water also mimics the natural route of infection. Although straightforward at a first glance, this route of administration requires great care and attention to obtain satisfactory results.

All birds must have adequate access to the drinkers during the vaccination period, and the amount of water provided must be sufficient for all birds over the given period.

For successful vaccination of replacement layers, three doses should be given as follows:

Salmonella vaccination scheme

AviPro Salmonella Duo is a live freeze-dried vaccine containing two attenuated strains, 
Salmonella Enteritidis and Salmonella Typhimurium, that are reconstituted into the drinking water.

Avipro vaccines should be kept in the fridge

Once in solution, the vaccine is stable for a number of hours, but several factors can impact the survival of the vaccine, or its ability to induce active immunity.

Administration in Drinking Water

David Hodson of Rosehill demonstrates and details how to prepare live vaccines for administration in drinking water: 

Dave Hodson from Rosehill demonstrates how to vaccinate with a dosing device:

AviPro Salmonella Duo: Lyophilisate for use in drinking water. Legal category: POM-V

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