Intestinal Integrity (I2) scoring

The Intestinal Integrity (I2) score system is unique to HTSi and was developed to consistently and reliably assess poultry intestinal health.

I2 hexagons

Intestinal function determines feed conversion efficiency - which drives the performance of birds.

negative impact on intestinal integrity

I2= assessment of 23 intestinal health lesions resulting in a score between 1-100

Intestinal function determines broiler feed conversion ratio which drives the performance of birds. I2 scoring is proven to correlate with key performance indicators including average daily weight gain, broiler feed conversion ratio and European production efficiency factor.

As I2 goes up by one unit:

intestinal integrity in poultry

Download I2 whitepaper 

Intestinal Integrity – a critical parameter in sustainable broiler production

Launched in spring 2023, the white paper, "Intestinal Integrity - A critical parameter in sustainable broiler production," authored by SRUC, highlights the paramount importance of gut health in broilers for sustainable poultry production.

Addressing key challenges including coccidiosis in poultry, necrotic enteritis, and other intestinal diseases, the research evaluates how these conditions detrimentally impact bird performance through impaired broiler feed conversion ratios (FCR) and heightened mortality rates.

The whitepaper highlights the complex nature of Intestinal Integrity, illustrating its connection to leg health issues such as footpad dermatitis and hock burn. It also covers the broader implications for animal welfare and environmental sustainability.

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