UK My Pet Persona

MyPet Persona

The tool allows vets to offer owners personalised advice on parasite protection that matches their pet’s behaviours and lifestyle, and best protect the people in their household - helping make the best use of clinical time.

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    A simple pre-appointment, owner-friendly tool

  • stopwatch

    Helps to identify cat or dog parasite risk profiles in under 1 minute

  • Personalised service

    Allows you to offer advice on parasite protection tailored to the individual pet’s behaviours and lifestyle

MyPet Persona has been co-developed with specialist and first-opinion UK vets and is aligned with both the BVA and BSAVA position on responsible use,1 ESCCAP guidelines2,3 and One Health principles.

MyPet Persona offers a range of benefits to veterinary practices and pet owners

Benefits for Vets:

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    Allows vets to offer advice on parasite protection tailored to the individual pet's lifestyle

  • Confience icon

    Vets can be sure that the right questions have been asked, while retaining full clinical responsibility for the prescription

  • Stopwatch Icon

    Helps vets make best use of clinical time and facilitate more productive parasite conversations in consult

Hear The Experts

Expert speaker introductions; learn more about the data, implications for practice and tools you can use to support responsible prescribing of parasiticides

Introducing MyPet Persona

Elanco’s Wesley Power introduces the MyPet Persona tool, how it works, the benefits it can confer on practices and the need to foster more informed and responsible parasiticide prescribing across the UK