Compulsory Cat Microchipping

In early 2021 the government announced that all cats will need to have a microchip implanted and be recorded on an approved database.

By making your clients aware now you can help manage demand - and avoid the inevitable surge of last minute appointments; encouraging pet owners to get their cats chipped during routine appointments over the coming months will help both client and practice. You can drive client awareness of this change in legislation on your social media and other channels - Elanco have produced a series of digital materials available here on MyElanco to help you. Log in here to access them.

We have prepared a selection of items including :

  • Short video clips with text for your social media channels
  • Graphics, available in two sizes to use on your website, social channels, newsletters or emails
  • Newsletter text
  • Waiting Room Digiscreen Video
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Visit our Compulsory Cat Chipping page to learn more about the law change, and to access a series of posts, newsletter content and graphics to promote cat microchipping in your practice.

About Tracer Advance

The Tracer Advance microchip and database package helps your clients to keep track of their pet. Used predominantly in cats, dogs, horses and rabbits, almost any species can be microchipped with Tracer, and if the worst does happen, they have the best possible chance of getting home safe and sound.

Tracer continues to provide your practice with quality and reliability in a client friendly pack.

Each Tracer Advance pack includes:

  • 10 x Individually wrapped, sterile implanters pre-loaded with the Tracer Advance Slim microchip
  • 10 x Client leaflets containing information about Petlog and Petplan
  • 10 x Pet Information Cards

Benefits of Tracer Advance

High Performance Technology and Service

Each Tracer Advance microchip is fully encapsulated in a bio-compatible polymer tube and pre-loaded into a disposable implanter, sterilised and individually packed with the adhesive bar-coded labels needed to complete the registration.

Tracer microchip needle

Online Registration

The online registration system ensures that your clients’ microchip registration information arrives with the Petlog database as quickly as possible.

Each pack contains an online registration instruction leaflet that will guide you through each stage of the registration process. The data is then sent straight to Petlog.

Please ensure you record an email address for your client with Petlog to ensure they receive confirmation of registration as quickly as possible.

Technical Helpline

Tracer Advance practices have access to the Elanco Technical Services support line staffed by vets and veterinary nurses. The helpline can provide technical support, advice and answer any questions that you may have about the microchipping process.

Elanco’s Technical Support: 01256 353131
Scanner Servicing and Repairs: 0300 303 1300

More Materials

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Compulsory Cat Microchipping - News & Social

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