Monensin Toxicity In Dogs

Monensin (Kexxtone™ 32.4g continuous-release intraruminal device for cattle) Toxicity in Dogs

Monensin is used in the UK dairy industry for the reduction in the incidence of ketosis in the peri-parturient dairy cow/heifer. It is used in a targeted manner in cows that are at risk of ketosis and is used in conjunction with good management and nutrition. It is an important tool to help manage the health and welfare of dairy cows and heifers.

Monensin in the UK is in the form of a bolus and the trade name is Kexxtone™. 

Kexxtone™ boluses are orange with white tablets in them:

Kexxtone boluses contain monensin

Occasionally the colour may have leached and the bolus could be white.

If dogs gain access to these boluses, then prompt treatment must be initiated as monensin is toxic to dogs. This is a very rare event and farm dogs are most likely to get access but pet dogs can also be affected. Prompt treatment of dogs that have ingested monensin is essential. 

Safety Call International, a team of veterinary toxicologists, have produced a monograph to assist in the treatment of monensin toxicity. To access the monograph, please 

Ingestion of monensin by a dog is a pharmacovigilance case and needs to be reported. This can be done via Elanco using the contact details provided above or alternatively, the case may be reported to the VMD.

Find more information on Kexxtone™ here (login required).

Canine monensin toxicity monograph

Monensin Monograph

Download the canine toxicity monensin monograph

Kexxtone bolus contains monensin for the reduction of ketosis in at-risk dairy cows and heifers


Intraruminal monensin bolus for cows at risk of ketosis

Kexxtone™ is a veterinary medicine authorized to reduce the incidence of ketosis in periparturient dairy cows and heifers which are expected to develop ketosis.

Kexxtone™ is not authorized for the treatment of any other transition disorder. Kexxtone contains Monensin.

Ensure correct disposal to prevent access to used or recovered boluses to other species including dogs, horses and guinea fowl. Legal category POM-V in UK.

Further information is available from the Summary of Product Characteristics. Advice should be sought from the medicine prescriber prior to use. Use medicines responsibly

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