Looking for a simpler way to protect cats against ticks and fleas?

Treating ticks and fleas with Credelio™ can be done with stress-free ease

  • Credelio cat - stopwatch
    18 Hours

    99% of ticks killed after first application2,3

  • Credelio cat - stopwatch
    12 Hours

    More than 99% of fleas killed after first application4

  • Credelio cat - tick icon
    24 Hours

    Kills 99% or more of ticks all month1,2,3

  • Credelio cat - flea icon
    24 Hours

    Kills 100% of fleas all month4

Credelio: easy on me

Treating cats for ticks and fleas does not have to be stressful or disruptive!

    • 8 out of 10 vets surveyed who tried Credelio would choose it for their cat again, and recommend it to clients5
    • Successfully administered monthly to 100% of pet cats by their owners for 3 consecutive months1
    • 9 out of 10 owners would try a tablet for their cat6*  

Times have changed ... so remove the stress and disruption with tablets that are easy to give, with or without food.
A unique solution that easier for everyone. 


Are you asking your clients what they would prefer?

Giving a Credelio chewable tablet to cats doesn’t have to be a big to-do.

Video duration: 30 sec

Useful materials for Credelio Cat

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Credelio cat vet brochure (PDF)

Credelio Cat Vet Brochure

Veterinary brochure summarising Credelio for Cats - the tiny tasty tablet for cats. (pdf)

Credelio cat and dog dosing guide (PDF)

Dosing Guide

Simple guide to help vets dispense Credelio For Cats and Credelio For Dogs accurately. PDF.

Credelio cat social media toolkit

Ticks and Fleas in Cats Social Media Toolkit

Toolkit of pre-written posts for your social media for cat owners to consider tablets for ticks and fleas!

Credelio Cat Testimonial Video for Vets

Testimonial Video for Vets

A video to show vets that giving a Credelio chewable tablet to cats doesn’t have to be a big 'to-do'. Video duration: 30 sec

Credelio cat video for pet owners

Credelio Cat Video for Pet Owners

Play this video in waiting rooms for cat owners to consider tablets for ticks and fleas!

Credelio cat flea and tick control

Treating Cats for Ticks and Fleas

Winning the war against ticks and fleas in cats

1. Cavalleri D et al. Parasit Vect 2018 11:411; 211 pet cats treated by their owners
2. Credelio™, Summary of Product Characteristics. June 2018
3. Cavalleri D et al Parasit Vect 2018 11:413
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5. LVS Credelio Sampling Scheme 2019; 717 vets sampled.
6. Kynetec, slide 10. March 2018 *Survey of 282 cat owners in Europe currently using topical spot on or collar, about treatment preference for tick and flea control. Study asked: Would you be interested in giving your cat(s) a small monthly tablet for ticks and fleas? Please assume it was recommended by your veterinarian. 1. Prefer it over other methods 2. Prepared to try it 3. Not interested