Galliprant, The #1 Piprant1 can be used to detect and treat pain at the start of a dog's OA journey.2–4

Osteoarthritis has traditionally been thought of a disease of older dogs, with the average age of OA diagnosis being 10.5 years.5

38% of dogs over 1 year of age live with OA

of dogs over 1-year of age live with OA4

The first comprehensive, prospective OA evaluation study in younger dogs showed:6

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123 dogs from single, first opinion/primary care enrolled from 8 months to 4 years of age and ≥3.6 kg body weight.

Uncontrolled pain starts the cycle of decline for dogs with OA7

Treating OA pain at earlier stages can improve the long-term outlook for most dogs.7 And recognition of subtle changes in a dog's discomfort, including changes in gait, mobility, energy and behaviour is key for early OA detection.4

Pain management must be part of the OA discussion at the time of diagnosis.8

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See the results from the first comprehensive, prospective OA evaluation study in younger dogs.

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