With the most advanced oral pain relief for CANINE OA1,2

Galliprant is the 1st and only piprant that precisely targets the EP4 receptor, the primary mediator of canine osteoarthritis (OA) pain and inflammation.2,3

Disrupt the cycle of pain and progression of disease, while protecting dogs from the side effects seen with COX-inhibition.4-6

MOA & Dosing
Lee refreshed video

Galliprant Video: A Brief Introduction to Galliprant

Watch an introduction to Galliprant, a first-in-class Piprant for Canine OA, presented by Dr Lee Strapp.

MOA & Dosing

MOA & Dosing

Visit to understand how Galliprant is the most targeted oral treatment for canine OA, and watch our MOA video.

Galliprant FAQ

FAQs and top tips for prescribing Galliprant™️

Frequently asked questions and top tips for prescribing Galliprant; what efficacy can I expect from it?

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