Overcome the challenge of degenerative joint disease (DJD) in cats

  • DJD in cats is common and can affect all ages and breeds1,2
Diagram showing types of arthritis in cats

Cat Statement

Onsior is an effective treatment of pain and inflammation associated with DJD

  • With Onsior, cats with DJD are happier, more active and show an improved temperament

  • Well tolerated* in cats with chronic musculoskeletal disorders at the label dose of 1 mg/kg body weight per day

Onsior flavoured tablets: simple to dose and easy to give

  • Small, flavoured tablets can be given with or without a small quantity of food
Onsior dose table for cats

  • Majority of cats can be treated with just 1 tablet per day
Cat isfm Graphic

Rest easy with Onsior

With simple dosing and flexible administration, Onsior can take the worry out of surgical pain relief

  • Available as an injectable and tablets, which can be used interchangeably for up to 2 days post surgery
Onsior is in both injectable and tablet forms

Wide margin of safety in cats4

  • The safety index of robenacoxib in cats is thought to be due to its high COX-2 selectivity and short residence time in the central compartment
  • In safety studies in cats, no significant adverse events were observed with robenacoxib at doses up to 10 mg/kg

Persists at the site of inflammation5

  • Onsior persists longer and at higher concentrations at the site of inflammation than in the blood, for effective once-daily dosing
  • Onsior is rapidly eliminated from the blood

Onsior Mode of Action Video

Cats Eating Onsior Tablets - Video

In a 2009 study7, 159 out of 160 cats readily took Onsior. This video shows the taste of Onsior is irresistible!

More Materials

Onsior dosing chart Myelanco thumbnail

Onsior Dosing Chart

Dosing chart for Onsior tablets and injection for cats and dogs

Onsior for Cats

Onsior for Cats Vet Brochure

Onsior is now available for chronic musculoskeletal disease in cats. Open for more information

chronic musculoskeletal disease

Chronic Musculoskeletal Disease

Comfortable Cats- a short bulletin update on chronic musculoskeletal disease in cats, diagnosis and treatment

Onsior cat waiting room poster

Cat Arthritis Poster for Waiting Rooms

Poster for waiting rooms to help cat owners recognise arthritis and DJD

*Studies up to 12 weeks; further treatment should be evaluated by the veterinarian.

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