About Credelio Plus

Now also licensed to treat Demodex, Credelio Plus offers all-round parasite protection. Trusted worm control with milbemycin oxime plus immediate and persistent tick and flea kill with lotilaner – in one tasty, monthly, chewable tablet. Successfully administered to 100% of dogs, Credelio Plus is a palatable tablet that dogs readily accept1 and is designed for use in puppies from 8 weeks and as little as 1.4 kg. Provide all-round parasite protection with Credelio Plus, part of the range of convenient and trusted parasite treatments from Elanco.

  • Credelio kills ticks and fleas
    Immediate and persistent tick and flea kill for 1 month

  • Lungworm
    Prevents deadly lungworm disease with monthly administration

  • Roundworms
    Protects against roundworm

  • Hookworm and whipworm
    Proven efficacy against adult and larval stages of gastrointestinal worms

  • Demodex
    Effectively treats demodex

  • Heartworm
    Prevents heartworm disease

The Elanco portfolio

Elanco offers a parasite treatment for every lifestyle with the option of tablets, collars or spot-ons. Practices can now match the most convenient solutions to best suit your clients and their pets.

Elanco parasite portfolio wheel

Pets and owners have different habits and lifestyles, which affects their preferences for parasite products. Partner with Elanco to offer your clients a complete range of trusted solutions (and support) for every lifestyle.

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Into a new era credelio plus launch event video

Into a new era: Credelio Plus

Watch the recording of the Credelio Plus launch event with speakers Cat Henstridge and Lepha McCartan.

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Parasitology: Testing times?

Q&A with Cat Henstridge and Ian Wright covering the current parasitology challenges in practice.

Credelio plus E-brochure (PDF)

Credelio Plus e-brochure

Learn more about Credelio Plus, for all-round parasite protection in this vet e-brochure.

1. Hayes et al. Parasites Vectors (2021) 14:258