Elura ™ (capromorelin oral solution) is the first and only FDA approved treatment for the management of weight loss in cats with CKD

  • More than 8/10 cats gained weight2*

  • Mimics the naturally occurring hormone Ghrelin

  • An oral solution with a low dosing volume developed just for cats

  • Elura is approved for long-term use and safe to use daily

More than 8/10 cats with CKD prescribed Elura gained weight2*

Weight gain in cats taking Elura is thought to be due to a combination of increased food intake and metabolic changes

Elura mimics the hormone ghrelin. Ghrelin is a naturally occurring hormone that may have effects on the central nervous system, gastrointestinal tract, cardiovascular system and energy homeostasis.

Prescribe Elura with long-term confidence

In 174 client-owned cats with CKD, Elura was well tolerated over a 56 day study2.

Multi-center, placebo-controlled, randomized and masked field study

Elura administered at 2 mg/kg once daily

The most common adverse reactions were vomiting, hypersalivation, inappetence, behavior change and lethargy

Elura was tested in healthy cats for 6 months in a target animal safety study, supporting safety at the label dose.

Randomized, placebo-controlled laboratory study in 32 intact cats aged approximately 11 months

Observations included dose-dependent increases in salivation and intermittent vomiting. Decreased lymphocyte count was observed only in cats administered Elura; increased mean corpuscular volume (MCV) and increased triglycerides were more common in cats receiving Elura

In a 32-day telemetry study in 8 healthy cats Elura was well tolerated, supporting the safety profile2.

A telemetry device was implanted for continuous monitoring of cardiovascular variables and blood glucose

Vehicle control administered once daily for 3 days followed by Elura 2 mg/kg once daily for 28 days

Observations included transient decreases in heart rate and direct blood pressure (systolic, diastolic and mean arterial), which reversed when they were handled. Transient increases in blood glucose were observed

*A multi-center, placebo controlled, randomized and masked field study including 176 cats with CKD and at least 5% unintended loss of body weight (as compared to the highest weight in the medical records for the 3 years preceding enrollement). 4/10 cats in the control group maintained or gained weight. Study period was 56 days (Day 0 – Day 55). Primary endpoint was change in weight at Day 55.

INDICATION: Elura is indicated for management of weight loss in cats with chronic kidney disease.

IMPORTANT SAFETY INFORMATION: For oral use in cats only. Do not use in cats that have a hypersensitivity to capromorelin, or in cats with hypersomatotropism (acromegaly). Elura may increase serum glucose for several hours after dosing; use in cats with current or historical diabetes mellitus has not been evaluated and may not be appropriate. Use with caution in cats that may have cardiac disease, severe dehydration, or hepatic dysfunction. Elura has not been evaluated in cats younger than 5 months of age, or in breeding, pregnant or lactating cats. The most common adverse reactions included vomiting, hypersalivation, inappetence, behavior change and lethargy.

Please see Elura product label for full Prescribing Information.