Our exclusive process for creating our highly purified 1⁄2 mL TruCan™ Ultra line of vaccines for cats reduces proteins by up to 75% and helps reduce discomfort. Plus, many TruCan™ Ultra vaccines are available as combinations, which means fewer needle sticks. 

Vaccines include:

Deliver a happier clinic experience with highly purified ½ mL vaccines.

TruCan™ Ultra leptospirosis vaccines

  • In a field trial of 15,000 doses of TruCan™ Ultra L4, only six adverse events were reported.1 All reported adverse events were those typically seen in a vaccine trial.*
  • TruCan™  Ultra leptospirosis vaccines have been demonstrated as safe in extensive real-world safety studies.1,3
  •  In a field safety study, 96.3% of dogs had no reported adverse events after vaccination with two doses of TruCan™ Ultra DAP+CL4.3 All reactions were mild and transient and required no medical treatment.3

*All dogs received more than one vaccine or medication. Clinics were asked to report any abnormal observation using their normal protocols. Reactions included two site swellings, three allergic reactions/hive cases and one case of anorexia/nausea.

TruCan™ Lyme vaccines — proven broad protection

  • See fewer blue dots with TruCan™ Lyme vaccines, including TruCan™ Ultra Lyme — the first and only 0.5 mL canine Lyme disease vaccine. 
  • It’s the only Lyme vaccine that comes in convenient combinations —including the only leptospirosis/Lyme combination vaccine in the market.
  • It’s the only vaccine with 92.2% efficacy against natural infection in a highly endemic area4 and 100% efficacy in a laboratory study.5

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