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CPMA-treated parvo survivor, Aiden

(2 months), PAWS Chicago

Parvo kills. Now you can fight back and get rewarded.

The Defenders Fund established by Elanco provides up to $1 million to help increase the availability of the life-saving USDA-conditionally approved Canine Parvovirus Monoclonal Antibody treatment in local clinics across the country. 

With every carton purchased, clinics earn a $25 rebate. If clinics share a canine parvovirus survivor story with us, then they will earn an additional $25 rebate per success story submitted. Clinics can track their savings by registering on myElanco.

Meet the Parvo Survivors

Cookie's Story on YouTube

Take the Pledge.

Elanco is making a bold commitment to save 1 million puppies from parvovirus by 2030. Join us and take the pledge today.


"I pledge to forever keep puppies safe. 

I pledge to lead by example, spreading the word about parvo, its symptoms, and treatment. 

I pledge, because I know together, we can save 1 million puppies from parvo by 2030."

CPMA-treated parvo survivor, Mono

PAWS Chicago

*If not treated with timely and aggressive supportive care.

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Almost nothing matters more to dog owners than their puppy. The tragedy is only 44% of people know what parvo is, or what to look for3, until it’s often too late.

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Parvo is Poop Open Letter

Meet the Parvo Defenders Task Force

The Parvo Defenders Task Force is a group of advocates working to Defend Puppies and Defeat Parvo by educating on parvo, how it spreads, key symptoms, and raising awareness of Elanco’s Canine Parvovirus Monoclonal Antibody treatment.  

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As the world’s largest family-owned provider of veterinary care, Mars Veterinary Health is comprised of 70,000 passionate Associates across 3,000 global veterinary clinics who are dedicated to delivering high-quality pet healthcare via 35 million pet visits each year.

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